Our natural resources are what make our state so special. We need to take care of our environment and not sell it out to the highest bidder. With our abundance of solar energy, wind, and beautiful outdoor spaces, there is no reason why New Mexico cannot be a leading force in alternative energy development as well tourism. We need to stop relying on oil and gas companies to continually bail us out of hard economic times and start investing in cleaner and more profitable endeavors.

Here are few things I will focus on when in office that will both help the environment as well as our economy:

  • Reinstituting the Solar Tax Credit – Our Governor did our state a great disservice when she allowed the solar tax credit to expire. This credit will lead to increased production of solar panels here in the state which will in turn create more jobs and help the economy. It would also save residents money and help our environment as well.
  • I oppose fracking on the Rio Puerco – Here in Sandoval County, they are exploring the possibilities of fracking on the Rio Puerco. This action could lead to the contamination of our ground water for very little gain for our state.
  • Continue to allow local communities to have control over drilling – Currently, local communities can pass ordinances restricting potential oil and gas drilling. There have been efforts in the legislature to invalidate those ordinances and give more control to the state. I will fight to allow communities to have a voice on this very important issue.
  • I support the strengthening and expansion of the Renewable Energy Tax Credit – We need to do anything and everything we can to increase production of renewable energy production in this state. Giving tax credits to consumers using all renewable energy sources will save them money and create more economic opportunity at the same time.