The Governor has declared a public health emergency. No state employees are allowed to travel out-of-state for work and the State will be cancelling large events through April. The Gathering of Nations is postponed.

  • Public is advised to avoid non-essential travel to affected areas out-of-state
  • Governor advises residents not to attend public gatherings in order to minimize exposure
  • Toll-free hotline is made available 24/7 to the public at 855-600-3453 if you have concerns that you may have been exposed to coronavirus
  • The Department of Health is not advising that any schools close. The Public Education Department is working closely with New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) in order to determine guidelines for potential school closure and what protocols would need to be completed before a school would re-open in the case of community spread of the virus in the state.
  • NMDOH is urging residents to exercise caution in visiting relatives living in nursing homes
  • Symptoms include fever, coughs and shortness of breath

Representative Daymon Ely


About Daymon

Daymon Ely for NM Family 4

Daymon Ely was born in Philadelphia, PA on October 11, 1957 but soon after moved to Phoenix, AZ where he grew up. The oldest of three siblings, he was raised by his parents Herb and E-Layn Ely. Herb is a former chairman of the Arizona Democratic Party and a practicing civil rights attorney. E-Layn was a homemaker, dedicating her life to provide for the family. Daymon’s progressive roots stem from his parents who taught him at an early age that every person has a voice and no one person deserves more than another.

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