For those of us who live in District 23, we know how important access to good public transportation is. As county commissioner, I was proud to work on the expansion of the Rail Runner through Sandoval County, but there is still more that needs to be done. With traffic congestion a constant problem, we need to find more efficient ways for residents to travel throughout the Albuquerque area and points beyond. If we plan on creating more jobs in our community, we will need a way to get people to those jobs in an efficient manner.

Here are some improvements I would like to see with our transportation system:

  • Development of a rapid bus system that serves the west side of Albuquerque – We need to figure out how to ease traffic congestion around the west side of Albuquerque and get people across the river in a faster way. A rapid bus system will make it easier for commuters to make their way towards downtown and throughout the city.
  • Form a partnership with west side residents, the city of Albuquerque, COG and the state – The only way to tackle transportation head on is to work with all of the governing bodies that can help the situation. We need to look at developing a working coalition with all of these various agencies and come up with a common sense solution that everyone can agree with.